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Spot the dog in the Wild Flower Garden!

An update from our Yorkshire Man Dan on our wildflower garden.

The Flowers we planted last year in the centre grounds are romping away making a good start for the coming season. They have self seeded and added to last years bounty.

The patch was on a long term planting scheme including perennials that should take over this year from the annuals. We are hoping the feel should be very different with the architectural plants like thistles and cow parsley taking over from the colourful poppies and cornflour’s.

The ground has been swamped with plants with no room for grass!

There is a lot of bug activity amongst the plants and around the dead hedge area so we have definitely improved the biodiversity of the area.

It was looking fantastic last year and looks to be heading to be even better this year!

The turf sofa is still going strong and now has some daisies growing from it!

Why not come and have a look as we get towards the summer more flowers will be making an appearance. You can find the garden in the grounds of St Oswald's Church, Christopher Street, Little Horton, BD5 9DH

Can you spot Scruff our Therapy Dog in the photo?

Want to know more about what we do, then you call into the centre we are open Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 3pm or give us a call on 07592003595.

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