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2016 External Evaluation

Back in June 2016 Helen Rhodes from Third Sector Solutions came to see how our project was performing and see what difference the project is making to peoples lives.  Over 55 members of our community turned up to be involved in an external evaluation of the centre. Please click on the paperclip to read the full evaluation report. 

Executive Summary of the report

St Oswald’s West End Centre is a small organisation operating from a small venue but the impact its services has on the people from the local community who access the centre certainly cannot be described as small.

The Open Door Community Project

Is a well-managed well run project which has an excellent understanding of the needs of the community it is based in.
  The staff team have during the first two years of delivery, achieved  all but one of the outcomes and outputs established, overcome staffing issues, and worked hard to ensure they have got in place well established management processes and systems. And developed a comprehensive programme of activity that not only engages a range of people of all ages, abilities and ethnicity but maintains that engagement, and provides holistic services that meet their needs to enable them to develop, grow and flourish.

The Centre and its highly regarded staff, treat people equally and with respect, and provide support, advice and skills. But most importantly the beneficiaries stated that it provided an environment that enabled them to make friends, reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness and provide a sense of family, community and belonging.

 With some people stating that it was the only family they had

 It was made very clear through the consultation process that the centre is having a great impact on people’s lives and during that consultation people wanted me to know the difference attending the project had made to them. And how proud there were of what they had achieved.
They told me that this was the reason they wanted to come to consultation day and be engaged in the evaluation. 

Throughout the consultation I received only positive feedback about the project. How lovely, welcoming and supportive the staff are, and how much fun they had coming to activities and in some cases it was the only positive thing in their lives. The only negative comments where that they wanted the centre to be bigger and be open more to provide more services to more people.

“They are great for making you feel welcome and very friendly and help you to learn new skills. This centre is first class for everything and everyone.”  (Beneficiary comment)

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