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When I first came to the centre I could hardly read and write. My life was hard, travelling, going to the doctors, going to the supermarket even choosing and writing cards was really hard for me.  

When I first came to the centre I was really nervous, but I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked in through the doors. 

The Centre has helped me in lots of ways.  I have got better at my reading and writing, I chose and wrote my own Christmas cards this year and I can read about the soaps in the TV magazine.  I have learnt how to use a mouse on the computer and a little bit about how to use one, like finding things on the net. My health is better, I have learnt about health and healthy eating in the cooking group. Because I struggle to read food labels Fran took me and some others to the supermarket so that we could learn about where the healthier foods are and about the traffic lights on the front of packets- I've even lost some weight!

I have made lots of new friends, I have been on trips out, and feel so much better in myself.

The Centre is my second home, everyone jokes I am the centre pin up because I am in all the photo's and come to so many groups. I even help out now, I wash the tea towels and help to clean up.  

West End Walking Group
Taking a step forward for a healthy
Huddersfeild trip
Working on reading
Laughter and food
West End acheivement
Celebrating the Queens Birthday
A day out with the ratpack
Rat Pack
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