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Shanjan's story

I was referred to the Centre by my support worker when I exited Lynfield Mount which is a psychiatric Hospital. I had ended up there because I had been in a Hostel where I only got housing support. They were unable to meet my health and psychiatric needs. Things got worse and worse and I had a crisis.

I met Fran with my support worker. It was very confusing meeting someone new after been in hospital. It felt really weird. Anyway I decided to give it a go. The Centre is near to where I have been re housed and I can walk there. Other places mean I have to get a taxi or be taken so I thought it was worth coming.

I joined the Cooking for Health and Wealth group. It helps to pass the time and it’s helped me get back into the real world. When you are in hospital everything is done for you, you’re not allowed to use tools or cook for yourself. It also showed me how to budget and I started to save money.

I heard about the Community Allotment and Fran introduced me to Dan. I go there on a Thursday and I enjoy everything about it, the people, and the site. It gives me a purpose in life. It gets me out of the house.

Previously I felt I would cease to exist, I felt ignored by the hostel. Coming to the Centre is rebuilding me. It doesn’t happen overnight but I have managed to stay out of hospital and even reduced my attendance at outpatients. The Allotment means a lot to me, it’s become a very important place.

What Dan has to say about Shanjan;

Shanjan is motivated and always keen. He’s enthusiastic and just good. “He’s a keen bean”  and its a pleasure to work with him.

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