Christine Mann (aka the Boss!)

Hello, my name is Christine Mann and I have been at The West End Centre since 2007. I have over 30 years experience of working in the Voluntary sector and a background in mainstream training. I have worked as a Contract Manager for Ofsted Grade 1 organisations and have a wide experience of different funding streams and their requirements. Before coming to the centre I worked as a consultant for various organisations including Leeds Council, Bradford College, Park Lane College, Thomas Danby College Keighley and Healthy Living. I have been involved in running a number of Theme Chests including ESOL Theme Chest for Yorkshire & Humber and Adult & Community Learning. I was also commissioned to launch Round 5 ESF Commissioning on behalf of Yorkshire and Humberside Learning Skills Council.

I am a graduate of Bradford University; hold a range of vocationally based qualifications including IOSH, Funding Skills Level 3, Business Improvement and Contract Management Level 7.

I came to work at The West End Centre because I wanted the opportunity to grow an organisation. I wanted to deliver best practice in a friendly and welcoming setting in the heart of the community.

I consider myself very privileged to work in the centre. I feel welcomed and although I don’t live in the area I feel very much part of the community. I am extremely proud of the development of the centre and would like to make it clear that this simply would not have happened without the fantastic volunteers we have met over the past decade and the depth of support within the community. Some of our key volunteers have been involved as long as I have and a few even pre date me.

We pride ourselves on making everyone welcome, so if your reading this and wondering if you should visit, please do, we would love to meet you. No need to make an appointment just drop in.

Fran Holgate

Hi, I have been working at the West End Centre Since June 2014.  Prior to this I worked in the healthcare sector for 20 years , mainly for the NHS.  For the last few years I worked as a Health Promotion Manager, writing, setting up, facilitating and evaluating Health Education Schemes and delivering workshops. My main areas of professional interest are around management of long term conditions, self care for minor ailments, behaviour change and  how we can live healthier lifestyles.

My real passion is trying to demonstrate how social prescribing can promote real change on peoples lives, which is one of the reasons I came out of the NHS to work in the community sector.  Here I can see the real difference we make to people improving their well-being.  Its amazing what we can achieve with a little help from our friends!

I love my job, particularly watching peoples progress as their confidence builds.  I am a firm believer that we can all achieve great things with a little self belief and the opportunity.  If you have a goal I am here to help you achieve it!




Dan Flack (aka Scarecrow – usually covered in mud)

Hi, I have 19 years experience working in Horticulture including being head gardener at a Marriot Hotel and country estate. I also run a landscaping business and am a partner in a Ground Works Company.

I have an extremely wide skill base from dry stone walling, growing wonderful flowers and vegetables or getting creative with woodwork.

My passion is helping others, my medium is the outdoors. Gardening can teach you a wide range of functional skills including literacy, numeracy, IT (we surf the net for info). More importantly it builds confidence, improves well-being, promotes healthy lifestyles and grows friendships.

If its outside I’ve done it and so can you!!

Kathryn Kelly 

I worked in the insurance sector for 16 years before having a family.

As I planned my return to the world of work I came to the West End Centre to share my Administration skills as a volunteer. This was in January 2017 and I have been here ever since. I have been employed as a Functional Skills Learning Champion since August 2017 and never looked back.

I love everything about my job. I love seeing peoples confidence grow and people helping each other, you cant beat it!

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