Jobsearch and Internet Browsing

Monday to Wednesday from 9.30am –12.30 Thursdays from 1-3pm



Most jobs nowadays require you to be able to use a computer.  95% of jobs are now advertised online and with the benefits system and other public services moving increasingly towards online applications, now is the time to learn. 

Our Learning Zone is fully equipped with computers, printers, a photocopier and scanner. We aim to offer a range of learning opportunities in the heart of the community and free access to computers for all.

We can help you in your journey to find employment with:

  • C.V. preparation

  • Employability Skills

  • Interview techniques

  • Job Search

  • Application forms

  • Online applications

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • A range of paper based or e learning resources

We  also can offer you assessments to help you identify areas to improve, This enables us to design an individual learning plan just for you.

You can  learn at your own speed with staff and volunteers to support you when you need it

Internet browsing

We also aim to reduce digital exclusion by offering members of the community free access to the internet.
So many services and access to information are dependant on you having the skills or facilities to access the internet. These can range from seeking information for example NHS Direct, bus/ train timetables, buying a T.V. licence or taxing your car. Many of us haven’t had the opportunity to gain IT skills, others haven’t the funds to buy a computer or afford access to the internet.
If you would like to learn new skills or improve existing ones join us.
If you have the skills but just need access to a computer or the internet just call in and see us.
We will be pleased to see you.

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