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When the going gets tough, the tough get growing

As spring is creeping closer, we are starting to do a few more jobs on the allotment. It might look a reet mess just now but we are well on with reorganising the shed and getting the polytunnel ready for planting. It might be cold out but that doesn't stop the allotment volunteers who are a hardy lot, we always find time for a brew to keep us going. We have started some seeds off in the polytunnel. Garlic is already in and doing well, sweet peas, onions and swedes will be going in and some big pots that we can move outside when the weather gets better.

Every year we like to try a new experiment and this year we are going to plant a lot of our veg into big pots so we can move them about to see how much of a difference it makes. A few years back we tried some herbs in crates they did well. So why not portable veg!

I wasn’t all that interested in gardening, but I planted a few seeds, and it grew on me! 😉

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