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What's Been Happening at the Centre: Community Get-Together

It was great to all get together and see so many people in the centre to talk about what’s been happening at The West End Centre.


A word from Christine - Centre Manager
I would just like to say a great big thank you to everyone who attended our Evaluation and Consultation Day.  We were so pleased you could join us.  It’s so important to talk and listen to each other so that we understand what’s going well, and what we can work on to improve. 

By discussing our community, its assets and needs as well as the needs of ourselves, our families and neighbours we can make sure everyone is involved in our planning for the future.  This helps to make sure that the Centre, its projects, and activities remain relevant and not just what we think people want. Thank you for your feedback.

It was great to see you all, we had a really good day didn’t we?  Brilliant to see old friends and meet new people.  The pie and peas weren’t bad either.  Thanks to the staff and volunteers for all their hard work.  I’m looking forward to our next West End Forum.  Hope to see you there.

Some of the comments you shared with us

Kathleen: coming to the centre has improved my confidence and helps me find out what’s going on. The centre is diverse, caring and inclusive. Also, it’s great to be able to chat with people who have shared experiences. To be honest, the only time I leave my house is when I come shopping at the Monday market. Talking to others has helped me with my communication and isolation.

Kevin O: I was informed about available help in IT. I got help from one of the volunteers when I had a problem with my tablet. I know where to go to when I have any IT issues. The IT helps me with my confidence to order more shops online and stay safe on the computer. Mixing with other people has made life more interesting. Pantry has saved my family from going short of food. The fresh fruits and vegetables make a big difference. A lovely meal on a Wednesday. A very useful centre saved me panicking about completing forms. Gives good advice on wellbeing, good advice on job application and CV. A warm friend place. Found out so much about so many things here.

Martin G: I have made loads of new friends at the centre. It was a great comfort when my wife died. I remember how very sad I was when the centre closed due to Covid. I have always been happy at the Westend Centre with my friends. There is never a clique here. I have attended IT to receive help with my phone which I find very helpful.

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