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West End Winter Warmer

Lunch club on wheels is out in the community every Wednesday delivering a two course lunch.

Brrrr it's cold, wet and windy out today. To keep the chills away we have made a West End winter warmer pie with a suet crust. Why not have a go at making this yourself, this is how we made it -

Suet Pastry

8oz Self Raising Flour

4oz Suet

Pinch of salt

cold water

Mix together and roll out larger than your dish


1/2 lb of stewing meat

4 medium potatoes

small cup of pearl barley

1 onion

Oxo cubes or gravy granules

Cook the meat, pearly barley and onion long and slow until tender add oxo/gravy granules

Boil the potatoes until just starting to soften

Add the potatoes and meat to the dish and cover with the pastry

Cook in the oven on a medium to heat for approximately 20 to 25 minutes until starting to brown.


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