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Eid Party, Plant and Share event, it's all happening at The West End Centre.

It’s been a fantastic day at the Centre.  We had our plant and share event along side our Eid Celebration.  

We were lucky enough to receive donations of homemade food such, biryani, pakoras, samosas, spring rolls, Jerk chicken, Jamaican dumplings, Jamaican Patties, Cheese and Onion pies, cakes and buns just to name a few.  A feast for all.

We would like to thank everyone that came along, provided food and joined in with the day, without you it wouldn’t have been such a great success!    

It was great to meet the Community Engagement officers from Bradford Council who took part in some planting of seeds and spoke to people in the centre.  Thanks also to Amanda and Claire from Food Savers for coming along to also support our event.

Yorkshire Man Dan and Scruff had everyone planting onions, herbs, beans and peas to take home and grown on. Let us know how it goes.  Once you get the growing your own bug you won’t want to stop!  Our Allotment at Sunnybank Road is a good place to learn more about this and a chance grow and try produce.  Get in touch if you are interested and would like to know more.

This is

what you told us

Rodney Really enjoyed it been a really good way to get a lot of different people together great idea.  Enjoyed making the Patties and other food to share.  Thank you to the staff and amazing volunteers for all you have done organising this event.

Hugh  Great party, best part was sharing the food and mixing with other people some really great conversations going on.  Thank you!

Shamim I have not been to the centre for a long time, Taj told me about the party it was nice to come back and see you all.  I have never played Bingo before ever it was good!

Ken told us First visit to the centre everyone has been so nice to me and helped me out and looked after me, now I know where you are I will be back and can call in for a pot of tea and some company which gets me out of the house.

If you missed this celebration don’t worry there is another one just around the corner, join us for our Evaluation and celebration of Lottery funding event on Thursday May 9th 10.30am – 1.30pm. 

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