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An update from the West End Centre..

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Dear Friends

Well, we are now into October. Who could have possibly predicted Covid 19 and the predicament that us and the rest of the world has found itself in.

Myself, Fran, Kathryn and Dan wanted to reach out to you all, find out how you’re doing and tell you what’s happening from the West End Centre.

We hoped we would have been able to open some activities up at the Centre and the Allotment by now. We have been working hard to make the Centre Covid safe and have everything ready for when we are able to open. We have planed the activities, but every time we work towards a date we have been halted by National or Local restrictions. However, our ultimate aim is to ensure we keep everyone as safe as we can.

So what have we been up to this last 6 months? We have:

We would like to pay tribute to and thank our fantastic volunteers who continue to inspire us and support others. Their activities have included:

· Supporting other by telephoning improving mental health and wellbeing by reducing isolation.

· Forming bubbles with people they know are isolated

· Tackling antisocial behaviour by reporting fly tipping and instigating a community clean up

· Baking for the community ensuring people have a weekly delivery of sweet treats

· Shopping for others

· Arranging and picking up prescriptions

· Messaging people reminding them to take medication

· Supporting people through the Whatsapp groups, often late into the evening and across weekends

· Keeping us all connected by telling us when they have seen others that do not have the technology to stay in touch by phone or digitally

· Inviting others into their own homes for meals

We are so proud of you, well done !!!!!

So what’s coming up? We plan to:

· Celebrate November by raising funds for The British Legion by joining in their poppy appeal

· Organise a sponsored walk, more details to follow

· Revamp our tree of hope with a West End Poppy Tree

· Restart our walking groups as soon as possible

So get in touch with us

Even if it’s just to let us know your ok and say hello.

If you’re interested in any of the activities we have mentioned

If you don’t have the technology and would like to send everyone a message

If you have any ideas for new groups of activities

If you would like us to phone you for a chat

If you would like to put your name down for the walking groups

If you are able to volunteer to translate our news letter into a different language so we can reach all of our friends.

If there is anything else you would like to ask or tell us

Just let us know.

How can you get in touch?

Phone, send a letter, email or ask someone you trust to contact us for you.

Christine: 07853240809

Fran: 07743687053

Stay safe everyone, stay connected.

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