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We went potty at the Jubilee Party!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

We would like to thank St Oswald's & All Saints Church for inviting us to their Jubilee Event. We are working together to re-green our environment, so far we have planted a wildflower meadow in the church grounds complete with a turf settee!

Our Growing together project also gave out lots of grow your own veg kits. These consisted of a large pot, compost, radish, bean, pea and courgette seeds with instructions.

Why buy veg when you can grow your own?

The good news is we have more of these kits. If you would like to join in just get in touch.

A huge thank to our volunteers for their support and hard work, you really do make a big difference.

A big thankyou to St Oswald's and All Saint's for their hospitality, lots of fun and a great BBQ.

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