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Way to go, Weigh to go!

We are 4 weeks in to our quest for better health now and people are starting to see the results, J says her jeans are fitting her better, K has managed to up her steps from not doing much walking to over 10,000 steps a day, C is also going out walking twice a day and is making sensible food swaps to name a few. Its great for us having the' Weigh to go' group for ideas, inspiration, support and a good old dose of humour. . We have been using the fantastic NHS better health resources https://www.nhs.uk/better-health/ , but have also shared other apps, websites and articles we have found useful, funny or interesting

One of my favourites is the pinch of Nom website;https://pinchofnom.com/

Its brilliant for recipe ideas and articles such as 'how to stop binge eating' https://pinchofnom.com/how-to-stop-binge-eating/

If you want to know how much exercise it will take to burn off your Maccy D's fun website https://www.workoffyourdinner.com/ is worth a look. Did you know if you go out for curry and have a samosa for starter, chicken jalfrezi with boiled rice and two poppadum's you would have to cycle 21 miles to burn it off- ouch!

A big round of applause to everyone doing so well and supporting each other.

If you would like to join us on our journey to better health just get in touch. The group is free.

email fran.westend@outlook.com or call 07743687053

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