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The Power of small steps with the Walk and Talk group

The Walk and Talk Group started back in Spring 2023 with group walks around the local parks, a good natter sat on a park bench and end in the park café to round things off. As we headed into winter it was not suitable for the group to be out walking and the session moved into The West End Centre and evolved into the “Walk, talk, move and grove” wellness group.

The group told us that any movement is a positive thing, and was good to have a positive space to be in to come together to catch up and do some gentle exercise. This is where the new group activity of Indoor West End Tennis was born, individuals were able to sit, stand or move around. Using swimming woggles and balloons batting them across the table at each other! The best part is the room filled with laughter, smiles., releasing tension and been able to forget the outside world for a while.

The group starts with a cuppa and a catch up and then 10 minutes of mindfulness, following on with Rodney's breath and stretch chair exercises. Everyone told us they go away at the end of the group feeling much more relaxed and look forward to Thursday afternoons!

Many new friendships have been formed and during discussions they have found through similar interests they have mixed in the same circles in the past.

The group have looked at Bradford Leisure Card | Bradford Council and BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) - Living Well ( to give them ideas of what small changes they can make to improve their health and wellbeing.

This is what you told us

·  Been part of the group helped them feel connected to the community, feel less isolated and felt confidence grow.
·        Lynn shared no expectations, nice and gentle and can go at your own pace.
·        K, Mindfulness and R’s breathing and stretch session is very therapeutic and gentle. Helps me take time and relax”.
M" I was meant to meet you all that day, you're angels that have helped me feel less alone.
R' Been part of the group helps me get out of the house , helps me relax and not bottle things up
Dian " I never would have tried the exercise equipment in the park if it wasn't for the group walk. Getting out and meeting new people is good for my health"

R – Shared about his army days, training gymnastics in the past and how would like to us his skills in the group. “Breath and stretch” session began. R told us that he adapted his exercise taking into account the people in the group by looking at their abilities ensuring it was was inclusive to all. This gave me purpose to be able to share my skills and knowledge, connect with the community, to help myself and others mental health, gives my life meaning.  

  • "Feel valued to be able to share my knowledge with others, exercises my mind and others without injury to themselves. Helping me support my own mental health to be active, positive, feeling useful, valued and making a difference."


Come see what we are about contact us on 07592003595 or call into our West End Community centre BD5 9DH , due to weather and supporting safety we are currently at the West End Centre every Thursday 1pm till 3pm, were gentle indoor exercise and smiles are grown.

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