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The Chapatti Olympics

Who can make the best chapatti?

Last week we had the very first allotment chapatti challenge! After our regular conflab about what activities the group wanted to do, it was agreed that they all wanted to learn how to make chapattis- so as the Olympics were on and we were all feeling competitive, The whistle blew and we were off. The warm up commenced and several people were out due to injury's but Kim made up for it caffeine stacking (the cups of tea never stopped) The competition was tight with fish hooking and toe stamping. Fun was had and we are thinking of making it a yearly event.

How we made chapatti:

Mix chapatti flour with warm water (pinch of salt optional)

until you get a dough, knead it for a bit until its smooth.

Roll it out like a pancake then cook in a dry frying pan- we cooked ours on a hotplate over an open fire.

Congratulations to Sandra the who won the gold medal for the best chapatti maker!

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