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Thanks to you our Monday Market is a success!

It’s the end of another Monday Market and another busy morning, some familiar faces as well as new faces, great to see you all. We appreciate you shopping with us and you make our market a success, so thank you!

R told us that she had travelled from BD2 to do her shop with us, was going to look for somewhere nearer home but has decided to come keeping here as there is such a lovely atmosphere.

The Monday Market runs every Monday from 9.30m – 12.30pm, for £5 you can get 15

non-perishable items plus fresh fruit and veg. No referral is needed to use the Market, just turn up, pay your money and do your shopping.

We also have some pre-loved items of clothes, shoes and coats for a reasonable price.

Running along side the market is our café, we have free toast, crumpets, fruit loaf, homemade soup and a cuppa. We have a seating area where you can sit, chat and make new friends.

If you want to know more call in and see what the community centre has to offer as well as the Market such as lunch club, internet access and support, fun and games and so much more.

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