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Talk to the hedge!

Big things are a foot in the grounds of the centre, our allotment group were out between the showers planning what is going where, from dead hedges, pond, seating area, fruit trees and wild flower meadows. This area will be for all the community to enjoy and encourage wild life.

The wind and rain stopped outdoor activities so we decided to practice how we will make our dead hedges using willow and cardboard. sounds funny but it works!

Dead hedges are super important for wildlife and are fantastic when you are trying to improve the biodiversity of a garden. The dead wood is the perfect habitat for bugs these in turn bring in frogs and birds and if your lucky a hedgehog! they make fantastic cover for birds to nest and hide in and somewhere for Mr hedgehog to sleep in winter. Overtime when they have broken down you can re-lay another over the top of the old one continuing the cycle.

The morning was rounded off with an award ceremony receiving certificates for the dead hedge making skills!

The group have done that well we may think about making some hazel hurdles to go around our wildlife area as wind blocks! The ideas are never ending ..... What this space to see what comes next !

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