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  • Ami-Jane Farrow

Reminiscing at the industrial museum.

Some of the 'Back in the day' group

Our 'back in the day' reminiscence group have been out and about visiting the Bradford Industrial Museum to see the displays of textile machines at work as well as old cars, bikes and trams from 'back in the day' that some of the group could remember.

Here is what they had to say about the trip:

We set off from the centre being driven by two of our lovely members of the group. We wandered around looking at old wanted posters, paintings of life at work, and got to see an old printing press from an old well known paper. We even got to make our own prints of trams and machines using an ink pad and paper. It brought back long lost memories for some of our group.

At the museum we also looked around Moorside House where the Mill Manager would have lived and visited the Mill workers back to back houses that were decorated to show three different periods in time. After a trip to the gift shop it was time to go home. With so much left to see, we will have to visit again!

So what did people think?

Irene "i enjoyed the museum and watching the old machines working, also seeing the vintage cars, i can remember some of them. The houses which were open reminded me of my early childhood"

Levi " i liked watching the machines working and all the different pictures of how people used to live, as well as getting out with new people"

Carol" i thought the museum was very good, and i loved the vintage cars"

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