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Recording lockdown history through the eyes of the community

During the first lockdown we asked you to share with us all the new things you had been trying so that we could record history in a scrapbook. We received photos, poems, stories and recipes. As the weather has now changed and things are a little different this time we are once again asking for you to share with us what you have been doing to pass the time.

You have told us

Making decorations for the tree of hope

Writing Poetry

Cooking from scratch

Pamper sessions

Online Courses

Learning how to use my tablet

Reading E Books

Online Games

Online quizzes

WhatsApp Groups chatting and supporting others


Arts and Modelling

Ringing around my friends more

listening to music

Doing crosswords/word searches


indoor exercising

Do you have any photos, poems, recipes or paintings you would like to share? Have you started a project or a new hobby. Share your memories, stories, photos or diaries with us and help us to record history through your eyes.

The West End Centre

St Oswald's Church

Christopher Street



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