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Poet's Corner

Back in 2018 David, one of our volunteers, took pen to paper and wrote this brilliant poem titled Don't. David has now written another poem and he wished to share it with you all.


Don’t change for other people, only for yourself, if you need to, Not to fit in with other peoples way of thinking, Be the best you can and no more than that

Don’t copy other people’s behaviour to be liked, and not know yourself anymore.

Don’t compare yourself to other people lest you stop trying as you feel you can’t beat other people’s achievements

Don’t listen to other peoples criticism and hatred, otherwise you give them power over you and make them feel better about themselves.

Don't let the past define you

Learn from the mistakes that you have done in the past

Stop thinking of pain you suffered in the past and the pain you have given others whether on purpose or not

Ask for forgiveness from yourself and the one's you have hurt so you can move on to the future

Everyone makes mistakes

No one is perfect in life and you will do many more mistakes in the future and not let that define who you are.

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