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Our tree has the look of love

Our tree of hope was looking very bare since the Christmas decorations were taken down so we put a call out to our community to help us redecorate the tree, around the theme of love. Love for your family, friends, community or people who have inspired you.

As always you haven't let us down and have gone all crafty and made some great decorations many of them being made out of things you would usually recycle- we particularly like the tinfoil spirals- made by wrapping rolled up tinfoil around a pen, the pop bottle messages and the cardboard box hearts . A special thanks to our knitters, especially Joan for the hand knitted teddy, isn't it amazing!

We know several visitors to the tree have added their own messages, if you are passing Southfield Road on one of your daily walks why not stop and have a look, feel free to add your own decoration or message, the more the merrier!

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