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Old news or lockdown blues?

So today marks the start of our second lockdown. For some people who have been staying home for much of the last few months it doesn't seem too daunting, but for others the thought of another lockdown is devastating. You can read about the new Government restrictions here

If you are worried about feeling isolated, why not get involved in some of our groups and activities? Contact Fran on 07743687053 or Kathryn on 07592003595 for more details.

Read on to find out what we have going on.....

We have been speaking to people this week about how we can help and after requests from members we will now be keeping our online depression support group open all week for those needing support as well as having our weekly Thursday meeting.

There is a link to some useful Mental Health and wellbeing services

here. There is also a great, free online counselling service available called Qwell

We have already delivered 'boredom buster' bread making packs out into the community- these will hopefully provide a satisfying way to spend an afternoon, and will be sending another baking themed pack out next week. Keep posted for pictures!

We will continue sending out our 'Weigh to Go' Healthy lifestyle packs out, with free pedometers for those taking part' and sharing motivation, stories, recipes and pictures on our WhatsApp group with a weekly 'focus hour' at 10am on Tuesday Mornings. We also provide telephone support for those who are not online.

In addition we will continue with our weekly timetable:

WhatsApp group- West End Warriors- Running all week, an online social group offering company, laughs, games, quizzes and safe up to date on local services available and coronavirus news

Whatsapp group - History Buffs- Running all week, an online group for those with an interest in all things history, with a weekly fun quiz at 7pm on Thursdays

Welfare calls- Monday- Friday. We offer this service to those feeling lonely or isolated during this difficult time.

I.T support. – Monday to Friday. Help to access online services such as internet shopping, or help with applying for jobs or updating C.V's With a weekly 'Tablet Tuesday' group at 11am Tuesday Mornings to provide extra support to those struggling to use their device to access online services

Our Lunch Club on Wheels delivers homemade, two course hot meals out into the community on Wednesdays, along with delivering post for people, helping with letters, signposting to other support services and whatever else may be needed.

There is always something going on, something to do or someone to talk to, so please don't feel alone. Get in touch and join in!

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