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No child should go hungry Day 4

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Well its feel good Thursday and we are almost there. More wonderful packed lunches served up today. A lovely potato curry and rice or homemade soup and roll was also available.

One little boy came back with pictures of the bread he made with the kit he had collected yesterday. It was a huge success and looks great. He said it was delish, he even saved some for his Nan and Granddad. He’s collected a soup pack today made up with produce from our community allotment. He has promised to bring pictures tomorrow. He now wants to be a chef when he gets older. Wouldn’t it be great if we have inspired him to reach for his dreams?

We have been blown away by the Basra family's generosity not only donating food but time as well. It seems to be rubbing off on others. People have donated toys and baby clothes which have been passed onto families who need them.

So another day done and 64 children and 25 parents fed. Staff and volunteers have enjoyed meeting everyone. Well done everyone. It’s great when the community comes together.

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