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Marigolds Keep Greenflies Away!

Marigolds are such a beautiful flower with a vibrant orange colour and are part of the daisy family.

So why have we planted them by our tomatoes? Well Marigolds are a well known plant, which repel insects!

For hundreds of years Marigolds have been planted with tomatoes. They grow in similar conditions to tomatoes and give off a scent which is thought to repel insects including the green fly and when planted in the ground helps protect the roots of the tomato plants.

When choosing your plants, varieties of French Marigolds are thought to be the best at repelling insects and aiding your tomatoes.

Plant your tomatoes first and then add your French Marigolds close by about 18 to 24 inches away, in well fertilised soil. If growing by seed, wait till the plants are 2 to 3 inches high and thin them out to prevent overcrowding and allow for growth.

Take a look at our Marigolds and tomato plants planted by our group at our community allotments.

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