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Keep walking! Small steps to better health

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

If you read our blog yesterday about our 'Weigh to Go' group, you will know we have been encouraging people to keep moving and get out walking during this second lockdown as it has so many benefits to health:

  • Burns calories which helps you to maintain a healthy weight

  • Strengthens the heart

  • Helps to ease joint pain

  • Helps improve mood

  • Can assist in boosting immunity

  • Helps to boost energy levels

Our participants have been out and about trying to increase their step counts and keep active, sharing photos of their walks to encourage others. A pedometer can be a real help in motivating you to increase your daily steps and we have been distributing them to those who don't have access to one one their phone.

Some people live in built up areas where it is not so easy to keep a 2 metre distance whilst walking, so going out early in the morning when the streets are quieter could be an option. Or alternatively here are some creative ways to keep your step count up without leaving the house!

For example, if you have stairs, set a timer for 5-10 minutes and just walk up and down your stairs. Walking up an incline, such as your stairs helps to build the intensity of your walking which can positively influence your fitness levels. If you want to take it a step further (pun intended), bring along some small hand weights (tins of beans work just as well!) and hold these as you complete your workout.

If you do not have stairs, then you can use a corridor, or room to walk up and down to similar effect. Alternatively, you could ‘walk' in place, marching to keep your feet moving. By repeating this various times throughout the day, you may rack up more steps than you realise! Try to get into the habit of doing this as you wait for the kettle to boil, or the toast to pop out of the toaster.

If you’re working from home, set an alarm and try to take a break from your desk every hour While you take the break, make sure you make a certain number of steps. You could walk around the house twice – or take a stroll around the garden if you have one. You can even utilise the time you spend on the phone by getting up to walk while you talk.

If you would like to join our free group please contact Fran on 07743 687053

This project is funded by the Magic Little Grants Fund, a collaboration between Local Giving and Postcode Community Trust provides local charities and community groups the opportunity to access funding to deliver engaging physical activities, which help to overcome barriers to participation.

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