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It's more than just gardening at the allotment!

We always like a chance to celebrate coming together and what better way to do this than by sharing food.

Today was our Eid celebration with everyone bringing some food to share we had Jackfruit and green lentil curry, Tabbouleh, Kebabs, Samosas, Pasta and fruit. We all came away feeling happy and very full!

In and amongst eating we managed to fit in a session on taking cuttings and watering the allotment.

L said "really enjoyed it, was nice to try some different food and always enjoy my time at the allotment. Everyone is lovely"

M said "Been really nice good times with friends and lovely food"

P said "I'm going home to try out a cutting from one of my plants, learnt something else today"

If you want to get involved with our allotment or group or want to know more just get in touch. No experience is required and the group open to all.

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