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Indian Veggie Curry and the best home-made Chapatti!!!

What a rush from making a curry in a hurry last week. Phew!!!

The cooking group decided to turn their hand to an Indian Veggie Curry, and homemade chapatti.

Vegetable curry is an easy veggie curry that makes a cheap and healthy meal. It uses basic store-bought ingredients which is quick and easy to cook and can be changed to add what you may already have in the fridge or cupboard.  A little twist to it by using Quorn which tasted like chicken, most of us had never used Quorn before and we were surprised at how nice it was.

Joyti was with us this week and showed us how to combine spices and herbs to enhance the taste of most meals. It was amazing to discover that microwaving cumin seeds first makes it easier to grind. She also told us sweating when eating spicy food means the healing properties of the spices are working.

Here is what you told us:

Maureen B: I have been looking forward to this session because I always wanted to know how to make Indian cooking. The combination of the spices brings a different flavour and aroma.
Guler: I only do Turkish cooking and I have never heard of Quorn. I love the taste because it gives a chicken feeling. Turkish cooking is quite similar, especially the chapatti but we call it a different name. This session today has taught me a few new tricks.
Susan N: I enjoyed today’s cooking. It is quite different from the curry’s I have made. I liked making the chapatti. I will be cooking this at home.
Peter C: I joined in the cooking today and it was good. I was supported by the group because I have the shakes and cannot handle some cooking tools. However, I enjoyed joining in and seeing the outcome of the meal.
Amanda B: I was a bit worried at first that the cooking session will be complicated. However, it turned out ok and I loved the food.
Rodney: I came into the centre for something else but had to join in the cooking session because it was a very different cooking method and some of the spices being used were new to me.

Now that the cooking group have had a minute to catch their breath with the veggie curry, why not join us next week as we journey through our taste buds to Turkey with Turkish Borek.

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