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How to make summat outta nowt- Leaf mould compost

It has been another great season at our community allotment, things have been a little different due to lockdown but hasn't it stopped the growing. From leeks, garlic ,tomatoes, onions, swede, turnip, corn, lettuce, herbs, potatoes, kale, rhubarb and berries which have all been used in our lunch club on wheels, green foodbank and food packs.

Dan is at our community allotment today continuing to prepare the beds for next season and tidying up. Dan says now is the ideal time whilst tidying up to do some recycling and collect up all the leaves for composting. Rotted leaves make an invaluable soil conditioner and are completely free. Its great way to recycle and it is really easy to do. Here are his tips for making your own leaf mould compost.

  1. Round up the leaves from your garden or allotment

  2. Place them in a bin liner, if they are dry add a bit of water

  3. Tie the bin liner loosely and pierce some holes in the bag

  4. Store the bags in your shed or similar place for up to two years

Leaf mould under two years old can be used for mulch, spread around your plants to enrich the soil. If left for longer is is ideal for seed sowing compost.

Further information can be found on the RHS website

Let us know how it goes or share your own composting tips with us....

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