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Hello, Hello, what's going on here!!

We had a visitor in the centre yesterday and everyone was on the their best behaviour!! Dave from The Mobile Police Museum came into to give us a talk about the Police service over the last 100 years, Dave also brought in a large collection of Police memorabilia which dates back to the 1800’s the talk was fascinating and we were able to pass round the batons, handcuffs, lamps, radios, lights, helmets, body armour and so much more. We tried on capes. Jackets and helmets and had photos taken, a lot of laughter along the way.

Irene said "was a very interesting talk, some of the older items I’ve seen before as they are similar to what we used in the armed force. Many Thanks Dave"

Stephen said "Some of the stories Dave told were good and funny, I enjoyed trying on the hi vis and helmet, I looked like a Police Man!"

Rodney said "I dropped in for a bit of lunch and company today and decided to stay, I’m so glad I did the talk was really interesting and was great to be able to handle the equipment, in so many museums you cannot do that. Thanks Dave and thank you West End for organising it"

If you want to know more or arrange for Dave to visit your group follow the link below.

A big thank you to Dave from the Mobile Police Museum for taking the time to come and visit us, sharing your knowledge, stories and equipment, we all really enjoyed the visit.

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