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Exploring the History of Piece Hall: A Day Out for the West End Team

We are blogging about something a bit different, we wanted to share with you a West End team building trip over the Easter Break. Ladies on tour!!


Yorkshire is a goldmine of history just waiting to be unearthed, right on our doorstep. It's time to seize the day!


The crew from The West End Centre, minus our adventurous Yorkshire Man Dan who was off enjoying some extreme sports (because that's his thing), decided to take advantage of the Easter break with a ladies trip to The Piece Hall in Halifax. Ela, who is fairly new to Yorkshire, was excited to delve into its history and had a particular interest in the extravagant clothing worn by ladies of the past. Could this also be a rekey for a future group outing?


The visitor centre at Piece Hall was full of local history. We immersed ourselves in interactive videos, played dress-up in historical costumes, and even tried our hand at weaving (let's just say we'll stick to our day jobs!). A big thank you to the volunteer who shared intriguing facts about the area's history with us.


After a nice wander around the gift shops, our stomachs began to growl, and as always, food was at the front of our minds. This led us to stumble upon a charming Korean Café. The food at Seoul Food Korean Kitchen was delicious - thank you we will be back. (The Kimchi was so delicious we all took some home!)


A great day all round a with a lot of laughter thrown in…! Thanks for having us Halifax it was a blast. Where to next??




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