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Don’t let species go extinct, in this world we are all linked....

January is a slow month in the garden but a good one for sorting out your plans. Why not make a change to the garden? or plan something new? Maybe a wildlife corner or a little pond or a even few stones to walk on under the washing line.

A recent study has shown that since the industrial revolution Britain has lost nearly half its biodiversity. Biodiversity is a measurement of all the different kinds of life you find in an area from trees down to bacteria!

We are helping to improve the centre's local biodiversity with our wildflower project.

Here’s a few ideas how you can help.

A good simple project that you can do this time of year in any garden or even a small yard is to make a wood pile or even better a dead hedge. A dead hedge is basically just a pile of dead branches or sticks pinned in place with stakes either side of them to keep them tidy you can go as big or small as you want. These encourage insects into the garden that in turn bring in the wildlife that eats them. Frogs, birds, hedgehogs and more. Why not keep a log of what you have seen?

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