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Delightful dishes delights us all!!

Wow, what a wonderful first cooking group session today. Thanks to Jyoti for sharing her skills and showing us all how to make Chana Pulao an Indian dish which uses mainly store cupboard ingredients which is easy to make at home once you know how..

During the session we talked about eating well for less, food hygiene and the health benefits of using certain spices. Jyoti also talked to us about the Indian culture including traditions, dancing and food. We did try some dancing but unfortunately we have no videos or photos to show you!! Maybe next time!

Maureen told us "I've never used so many spices in all my life but now I know what to do with the spices in my cupboard !"

Richard told us "I am happy to learn how to do this today, I can now cook it at home"
Bunmi told us "I have never used or heard of cumin seeds before, will be using in my own rice at home"

Most of the group said they always get soggy rice when cooked at home, but using Jyoti's method we can have rice that's not soggy.

Thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoyed it! See you again next week for a Nigerian dish demonstrated by Bunmi, really looking forward to that!

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