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Dan shares his allotment tips for February

February is a funny month. All the garden programs and tips on television are a few weeks and a few degrees in front of us in the scheme of things, so I always have a element of caution as I approach the planting seasons, especially in this windy cold Bradford.

Most of this month is a good time to be digging in manure, aerating and feeding the ground with mulches/compost/leaf mould in preparation for the growing season ahead. I also like to cover beds with some black plastic as it heats up the ground causing any weeds to germinate before the season. The 6 p’s I was taught as a outdoor pursuits instructor always spring to mind Prior Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance.

If you have a propagator you can risk planting some tomatoes, artichokes maybe some sprouting broccoli but there’s a chance that there’s not enough light just yet and they will go leggy.

If you have somewhere undercover but not heated you can try some broad beans, sprouts, leeks, onions or spinach.

And remember that Dan saying "If you plant peas in February you don’t have to eat peas!"

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