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Dan's top gardening tips for March

March is one of the busiest months in the gardening world. Everything starts to wake up and so should you!

I would leave your plastic sheets on the beds for a few weeks more (we are a few weeks behind the garden shows and tips from darn sarf)

If you haven’t started your Tomatoes inside do it now, onions and beans can be started off too and in a few weeks time chillies, cucumbers, lettuce and broccoli.

It’s your very last chance to plant garlic now. I find it’s a good time to split herbs and rhubarb and anything else rooty.

Its Time to chit those potatoes.-What is chitting you may be asking? Chitting is where you allow potatoes to grow sprouts before planting them, this gives them a head start, which for the ones of us that are impatient means a shorter time to wait for the crop. Chitting can also allow for better crop. So if you have any potatoes sprouting in your veg basket don’t throw them, plant them!

You can join our Friends of the Allotment WhatsApp group for more advice and ideas, just get in touch.

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