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Crafty collage!!

It’s Thursday again, that has come round so quick. Due to the wind, rain and generally cold weather our allotment group stayed inside in the warmth with a cuppa on hand!

Yorkshiremandan hasn’t disappointed with his plans for the group today. They were presented with a pile of gardening magazines, scissors, and glue sticks. The group set to cutting to make shapes for a tree and Chinese dragon collage. A lot of cutting, a lot of gluing, a great deal of teamwork, not forgetting the group singing along to the music. Don't think we will be going on

X Factor any time soon but its good for the soul and we all enjoyed it!

The completed collage looks good and has brightened things up around the centre! If you look at the collages closely you can see the pictures of fruit and vegetables.

Fancy a laugh and some good company come along at join us at the centre for 10am next Thursday, want to know more give us a call on 07592 003595.

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