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Cooking group kicks off with the humble potato

What a fantastic way to kick off our cooking group. We had fun planning future sessions. We agreed the group norms and what we wanted to get out of the group. We enjoyed getting to know each other and our part in the community.   This first session we started off with the humble jacket potatoes with a choice of toppings.

Next week we travel to Egypt to cook and try some Egyptian cooking and learn a bit about the cultural.  The ingredients we will be using are available in local supermarkets and pocket friendly!

Here is what some of our group members had to say:

Maureen said: Really enjoyed the first cooking group session, friendly, homely a good atmosphere and I am really looking forward to next week’s session cooking an a Egyptian dish and learning about the Egyptian culture.
 Susan said: The atmosphere in the group is very calm. I look forward to all the other sessions because its going to be a variety of foods from different cultures.
Razina said: I love coming to cooking group to meet people and talk to them. The recipes always nice and I like to make at home for my boys.
Shabina said: I can cook very well but I look forward to learning new recipes from this group. Today, I felt relaxed and met new people from the community.

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