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Its that time of year again!

Plenty of leaves falling from the trees around the centre so we are having a good clean up, we are recycling these leaves. We are drying some out for our art projects and the rest the allotment group will be making use of.

Dan says

There is free mulch and compost falling from the sky!! So rake them up, bag them up and put them somewhere until spring when it should have decomposed into beautiful leaf mold to dig into your garden to improve the soil structure (especially good for our clay gardens) or to use as a mulch to stop weeds and retain moisture.

My tip to get as many as you can into bags is to jump up and down on a full bag, a great way of exercising too, and squeeze a few more in. Dry leaves wont rot so if they are very dry you need to give them a squirt with the hose pipe then tie up the bags and put them somewhere you can forget about them until next year.

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