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And we are back again! Cooking Group is back with some versatile recipes....

Thursday was the first of our new cooking sessions, this time we are showing you basic recipes for cakes, bread, rice, potatoes, and pastry which can be used to create versatile dishes for all occasions!

Our recipe today was Chinese Egg fried rice, and we used a ‘wok’ to give it a good ‘wok hei’ taste. Oh wow! Now am feeling very Chinese-ey.

Everyone mucked into prepare the food, even teaching each other new skills at the same time!

Most of the group seemed surprised at how quick and easy it was and would be having a go at it at home.

This is what you told us -

Caroline: I have never cooked before, and I have never used my cooker. However today, I have chopped spring onions and made Chinese egg fried rice. It was so easy, fast and less washing up because we only used one pan. Imagine, I have never cooked for anyone, not even my sister before yet today I have ended up cooking for a group of people. I am quite happy with myself. Especially because it turned out tasty.

Maureen: this meal was fast, easy and the only spice used was Chinese five spice and some soy-sauce. After the class, am taking the bus up to the store to get my Chinese 5-spice so I can make some egg fried rice for my daughters.

Ela: today I learnt the difference between a wok and a frying pan. I always called everything with only on long handle, a ‘frying pan’. I have never used spring onions before in my cooking, but I will start using them now that Maureen and Caroline have showed me how to chop them up.

Shiraz: it was a very tasty meal and very surprising to know it has been made with left over rice. Once I get my commitments out of the way, am joining this cooking group because even though I can make fancy meals like spaghetti Bolognese, I am interested in using basic recipes and left over food to make different meals.

Next week we are creating dishes using the humble potato, there is so much you can do.

Stop thinking about when to join our group, sign up today and enjoy creating dishes with basic recipes!!! Call into the centre or give us a call on 07592003595 to book your place.

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