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Smiles all round with Lunch club on Wheels

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Our Lunch Club on wheels is fast becoming the highlight of the week- people are really enjoying having a warm, home cooked meal and say it is giving them something to look forward to and a chance to have a socially distanced chat, let us know about any issues and pass messages on to their friends.

" Thankyou for my dinner, i have waited all week for this as i enjoyed the last one so much"- David W

In normal times at the centre we have a popular 'pick and mix' variety club on Thursday afternoons where people meet, have quizzes, games, trips down memory lane, speakers and trips out to local museums and attractions. Our resident baker Irene Terry, always brings a batch of buns and its something everyone looks forward to. Being the true star that she is, Irene has continued this tradition and is baking huge batches of buns for us to deliver with lunch, it really brings a smile to peoples faces to know that she is thinking of them.

We delivered 24 meals yesterday and after new referrals will increase again next week.

With thanks to Bags of help for supporting our Lunch club. See for more details

baking huge batches of buns for us to deliver along with dinner.baking buns for us to take out

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