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The Great West End Bake Off!

We started Friday morning at the centre with an exciting challenge. Everyone was given a range of different ingredients to create their very own unique pasties-no recipes included! They began by deciding what filling they're putting in their pastry and choosing which ingredients they will need. The group had very different ideas - for example, some chose to make cheese and onion pasties,some vegetable, one made a healthy corned beef pasty with wraps and lean meat and another even chose to make a plum and jam pasty.

The group helped one another measure the correct amounts of flour, butter and water they needed to make the perfect pastry. Once they had mixed their ingredients together they set it aside to rest and started cutting up the things they needed for their filling. For some this was grating cheese, cutting vegetables and dicing their fruits.

After everyone had created their own special filling, they began to roll out the dough they had made and cut it into their ideal shape. Everyone supported each other through this step by helping get the correct shape and even sharing left over dough where needed, egg was used to help hold the pasties together after they had filled all of them.

Once they were ready to go in the oven everyone helped tidy up whilst they were cooking. After roughly 15 minutes the pastries were all cooked and ready to eat! Everyone in the group sat together and shared the pasties. They all loved the different unique tastes they could get from all the different pasties. We are thinking up new ideas for the next few weeks, maybe a soup off next week!!!!

The cooking group runs on Fridays from 10.30-pm and costs just £1.50

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