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Welcome to 2022

It was great to get back to the Centre after the Christmas break and see everyone again. What’s different these days we are never really closed. Our WhatsApp groups we started during the first Covid lockdown are still going strong. They get a little quieter when we are able to enjoy face to face groups and activities, but people still chat to each other on evenings and weekends.

Last year we enjoyed lots of time outside in the fresh air. We started with several talk and walk groups meeting in local parks. This gave people the chance to meet and have those so important face to face conversations. We also moved lots of our groups to our Community Allotment. We grew bumper crops, provided fresh veg for our weekly community lunch which we continue to deliver to people’s homes. We had plant sales, green food banks and enjoyed art n craft sessions, outdoor cooking and lots of lovely cups of tea and wellbeing sessions. The power of nature, friends, sunshine and fresh air can make everything better.

As restrictions eased, we were able to add indoor groups and activities at the Centre which we all welcomed. There is no real substitute for being able to meet old friends and make new friends. We were able to enjoy summer and celebrate Christmas with Carols and refreshments before closing.

After a wonderful first week back seeing everyone, catching up we have had to take the decision to have a fire break closure at the centre. The numbers of Covid infections and the very serious underlying health issues of many of our clients have meant that it is necessary for us to take this action. However, we are still working, we are in touch with people, the WhatsApp groups are active, you can still get help via our online support and over the telephone.

Just get in touch.

Christine 07853240809

We plan to re-open the centre on Tuesday 1.2.2022 providing the current risk level has improved. We are very hopeful that the current wave of infections will have receded by then. Don’t forget you can do your bit by getting vaccinated.

We are now looking forward to 2022 and have lots of plans for new groups projects and activities. We are looking forward to telling you all about them soon so watch this space.

Happy New Year, see you soon, stay in touch.

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