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Weigh to Go- some healthy breakfast ideas!

Last week we started our journey to better health. We have been supporting each other to improve our eating habits, move more and for some of us to lose some weight.

On our 'Weigh to go' WhatsApp group we have been sharing recipes, advice and keeping each other motivated. We have also taken our support packs, ingredients and recipes to people who receive hot meals on our Lunch Club on wheels scheme.

Doing something like this as a group is great because you get ideas for meals you wouldn't normally think to make and there's always someone to talk to if you get fed up or run out of inspiration.

We though we would share a couple of tasty breakfast ideas from our group with you.

Christine's quick and easy Eastern style breakfast

1 tuna steak

rice noodles/egg noodles

green pepper

mushroom or any other veg you have

soya sauce

grated ginger.

I buy a pack of frozen tuna from the supermarket to keep costs down, they are individually wrapped so quite good.

Put your rice or egg noodles and tuna along with any bits of veg you may have in a pan with some water bring to boil for a few minutes - it just takes a few minutes, drain and add soya sauce and grated ginger. If you add a stock cube and don't drain it you can have it as a soup too. Its dead easy and you can add anything, left over chicken is a good one or prawns. This comes in at around 200 calories per person

Another one of Christine's is a stuffed Portobello mushroom

2 Portobello mushrooms

small shallot chopped or spring onion

1 egg

30g feta

12 tomatoes sliced

Take two Portobello mushrooms with the stalk removed and chopped. Put the chopped stalk in bowl and add a small chopped shallot or spring onion add 1 egg mix and season. Pour the mixture between 2 mushrooms add 15gramms of feta and a slices of tomatoes to top of each. Bake in oven for 10-15. This one comes in at under 100 calories per serving.

Kim sent a recipe for yoghurt soaked oats, her and Razina have been out blackberry picking this week so this recipe uses blackberries, but she says any fruit will do.

Put a layer of porridge oats in a dish cover with low fat yogurt top with blackberries put in fridge overnight then in the morning stir it all together and you have a lovely breakfast, low in calories and healthy

If you would like to join us, or would like to know more you can contact us through face book, e-mail or phone us on 07592003595 or 07743687053

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