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Walking back to happiness

With lockdown easing we have been able to start our walk and talk groups at long last. We hare so lucky to have such lovely weather and the sun shining on us. We took to the local parks in small groups to have a walk and a good natter.

So many people have really struggled through this last lockdown so were really happy to be able to get out and about with friends old and new.

"Its meant so much to people to be able to get together at long last! It was so nice to get out and actually meet other people, it made such a difference to be able to have a proper conversation in the flesh"

" Its amazing how far you can walk when you are chatting- thats the best walking ive managed in years"

The groups will be continuing to meet up for the next few weeks as lockdown gradually eases, helping us get fitter and stay connected. If you would like to join one our 'walking back to happiness' groups please contact Fran through the website, on messanger or on 07743687053

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