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Unusual visitors .... woof woooof

We are looking forward to a time when we can open our doors again to everyone but until it is safe to do so we are still here and staying connected through our WhatsApp groups, video calls, phone calls and delivering lunches.

We were looking back over some of our photos from previous years and wanted to share some of our memories with you specfically some of the more unsual visitors we have had at the centre. We are talking about our animal visitors. Rufus the dog came into give hugs to anyone who wanted one on valentines day and occassionally makes an appearance for a cuddle. Tiffin the dog was more than happy to sit on peoples laps, be cuddled or taken for a walk very laid back and really didn't mind. The most unusual had to be Dan's chicks and the hen. The hen enjoyed nibbling on biscuits, wandering around like he owned the place and sitting on Lorraine's shoulder, maybe he thought he was a parrot!

Having the animals in certainly provided a lot of benfits including a lot of smiles, laughter, sharing memories of their pets, feeling good for hugs and encouraged excercise moving around and even taking the dogs out for a walk and it is something that we look forward to continuing in the future.

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