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Talking about stress

We have been talking about stress here. Everyone feels stressed from time to time, perhaps more so now than ever before. We all feel stress differently and it affects our moods differently . Sharing our experiences and ideas often helps others.

Here is what you have told us

How stress affects our bodies



Arms vibrate, muscle spasms


Tense shoulder muscles

Strange sensations in crown of head


Fast heartbeat

How stress affects our moods

Feel fed up

Can't concentrate

Angry feelings

Feel like life is too much

Avoid things

Mashed Brain

Morbid feelings



How does it affect our lives?

Not looking after health

Not eating well

Avoiding things

Can't decide or make decisions

Can't concentrate

Keep things inside

Mood swings

Keep hold of the past

Here are some of some of the things we do to try and deal with or manage our stress


Wii fit


Quiet time- reading , a long bath

Positive thoughts, it’s hard.

Talking about it

Not isolating yourself

Looking after yourself: eating well, looking after our appearance,

Help others




Read a book

Have a massage

Other things we know work

Relaxation: Meditation, breathing exercises


Eating well: eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, reduce caffeine, avoid overeating

Avoid processed foods

Get enough rest

Set goals; Set small achievable goals, celebrate accomplishments

Communicate: express your feelings, don’t bottle them up. Keep a diary . Talk to friends and family, a doctor attend a support group.

Meet challenges head on

We know different things work for different people so would be good to hear what you do to combat stress.

The NHS has some great Tips to help you deal with stress. Find them here

The BBC has some great resources too find them here



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