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Staying Connected

Back in June we received a donation of ten tablets with data to give out in to our community, the recipients these were donated to had no way to access the internet, and were digitally isolated. The data has since expired but we secured more funding to top up the data to allow them to continue to use their tablets accessing online services and keeping in contact with family and friends by using voice and video calls.

We provide ongoing support and also run a group called "tablet tuesday's" on whatsapp this enables them to learn new things and get the best out of their devices.

The recipients have said they have been using their tablets for a variety of things including

Ordering Prescriptions

Using Learn my way and other educational sites

Job Search and applying for jobs online

Video and voice calls

Using the whatsapp groups

Taking photos

We are really seeing the changes and the positive impact that these devices are really making to peoples lives

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