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Spring is on its way and so are the vaccines!

Well we have made it through January and are into February .Spring will soon be on its way. We have seen the first lambs and the bulbs are starting to poke their heads through the ground, the snowdrops are out already. It wont be long until warmer days are here.

The vaccine roll out is going amazingly well, several people we know have had their jabs already. Martin says "Morning all, to anyone concerned about the vaccine I felt tired the day i had it and had a bit of a sore arm but something and nowt. i had the Pfizer one a would definitely recommend others go get it"

Sandra has also had her vaccine, she says" I'd definitely recommend others go get it. I have allergies and have also had a allergic reaction to general anaesthetic so felt nervous. But you wait for 15 mins after and they asked me to wait for 1/2 an hour. I didn’t have any side effects. Not even sore arm. For me it gives me peace of mind."

On the Subject of allergies Jane, who has also had her vaccine says "When you book your jab you are asked if you have any allergies - those who have are recommended the Astra zeneca, which doesn't have that side effect. As of last week, BRI was doing Pfizer, and Lingfield Mount have a hub that does Astra Zeneca. That may have changed now Jacob's Well has opened. I'd recommend going on the council website & looking at the FAQs"

It is great news is that the new vaccination centre at Jacobs Well has opened its doors today with several more of our group members being invited to make an appointment. If you need a hand booking your appointment online, just give us a ring and we will try and talk you through it.

All these things are giving us hope that it wont be long before we can meet face to face again in the not too distant future.

In the meantime we are still here helping to keep our community healthy, happy, connected and informed.

Here is what we have on this week

Running all week:

WhatsApp Group - West End Warriors. Online social group offering company, laughs, games, quizzes and safe up to date on local services available and coronavirus news

Whatsapp Group - History Buffs. Online group for those with an interest in all things history

Whatsapp Group- Weigh to go. Online Peer support group for people who want to make changes to their eating and activity habits, sharing motivation, struggles, tips, recipes and of course fun.

WhatsApp Group- Friends of the allotment. Online group for all things gardening,

Welfare calls- We offer this service to those feeling lonely or isolated during this difficult time, if you would like regular calls from us or know someone who would benefit, get in touch.

I.T support. –Help to access online services such as internet shopping, applying for jobs, or sending emails.


10-11 am Weight to go Focus hour, a new lifestyle topic each week

11-12 WhatsApp Tablet Tuesdays – are you struggling with your tablet or phone or need help to do something online? we are here to help answer your questions.

3.30pm Mini quiz time on West End Warriors


Lunch club on wheels and green foodbank deliveries. We will also be delivering information and asking for your support for this seasons tree display. The theme this time is Love and we would love(see what i did there) to have it up for Valentines day.


10.30-11.30 Friends in need depression support group – online peer support group for those struggling with depression or their carers

7-8.30 pm History Buffs Quiz time

To join in with any of our groups and activities or for more information please contact Fran or Kathryn on 07592003595 or 07743687053, use the contact us tab on the Website, message us through Facebook or email

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