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Spotlight on Volunteers

Welcome to our new monthly spotlight on volunteers blog.

The centre simply wouldn't be the same without our volunteers who are involved in most aspects of the running of the West End Centre, from forums and consultations, befriending, cooking, cleaning, supporting learners, admin, helping out at the allotment and looking after our grounds.

This year we have been forced to close our building and find different ways to reach out to our community. Our volunteers have come up trumps have continued to provide support and given unaccountable acts of kindness.

This month our spotlight is on our volunteer Kim. Kim has joined in and supported individuals and participated in many of our WhatsApp groups. She has supported others by being there to talk and more importantly to listen. She’s been busy posting photos of healthy food with recipes, writing poetry, donating the tree that we use as our tree of hope and joining in with quizzes. Kim is a true inspiration to us all.

Kim said lockdown has brought me closer to people and I have formed new friendships, I ring round to make sure people are ok, I have been baking for my neighbours it's been really good to feel needed. I have used a tablet for the first time and google is my new friend! I have also found a love for gardening growing things from seed and enjoying eating it!

This is one of Kim's poems -

Stamp your feet

As you walk the streets

Walk on walk on

The centres shut

But we're in luck

Walk on walk on

There's groups galore

And there's plenty more

Walk on Walk on

We won't be beat

As we walk the streets

Walk on Walk on

So a big thank you Kim form everyone at the West End Centre.

Look out for our Spot Light on Volunteers blog next month. If anyone would like to nominate one of our volunteers please let us know.

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