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Spot light on volunteers- Thankyou to our Sue

Welcome to our monthly spotlight on volunteers blog.

The centre simply wouldn't be the same without our volunteers who are involved in most aspects of the running of the West End Centre, from forums and consultations, befriending, cooking, cleaning, supporting learners, admin, helping out at the allotment and looking after our grounds.

This month is the spotlight on our volunteer Sue. Sue has worked as a volunteer at the centre for over 10 years and helps with a range of practical and administrative duties from helping out in the kitchen, being involved in fundraising and organising events, assisting the treasurer and helping with the accounts, also welcoming new people and often mentoring new volunteers.

After raising 6 children, Sue is a force to be reckoned with and although we are all secretly a little bit scared of her she has a heart of gold. She also has a special talent for giving directions and navigating and is a font of knowledge on all kinds of subjects, so much so that we have nicknamed her Soogle!

Although the building is closed at the moment the support and acts of kindness Sue shows have continued. Doing shopping for those that are isolating and making daily phone calls to check how people are, delivering cards and presents, offering support and practical advice and just being there to listen if needs be.

A big thank you to Sue form everyone at the West End Centre.

Look out for our Spot Light on Volunteers blog again next month. If anyone would like to nominate one of our volunteers please let us know.

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