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Sharing this weeks harvest

We have been busy harvesting from our allotment this week and we have a lot of produce to show for all the hard work. We cannot keep all this lovely produce to ourselves, so what did we do with it all?

We used the beans in our lunch yesterday and made up vegetable packs to be given to everyone along with their lunches, they contained garlic, turnips, swede, onions, and green beans, hopefully there will be lots of warming soups and stews made from them as the weather changes.

Many thanks to Irene or the donation of pears from the tree in her garden these were also distributed in the packs, delicious they were!

If you have any spare produce you would like to share with the community please get in touch with Fran or Kathryn on 07743687053 or 07592003595 and we will happily collect and distribute it for you.

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